The land of the free and the home of the brave


I can’t start this blog with anything other that the United States of America. Aka (you can chant along here) USA USA USA. Aka ‘Merica. Aka my favorite country in the whole wide world.

I’ve seen lots of cities in Europe, I’ve been game spotting in Africa, I’ve eaten from amazing food stalls in Asia, but nothing got under my skin like the U S of A. And I haven’t even seen anything apart from the East Coast. It’s all on the to do list though. You will read a lot about this magnificent country and it’s inhabitants, it’s cities, it’s quirky places. And it’s food! I love American food. Cookies, muffins, fried chicken, huge burgers, New York City hot dogs, coleslaw, you name it.

Anyhow. Here’s a list of the 7 places I love the most in the States. So far.

  1. Boston. Yes, Boston, not New York. Why? I can easily see myself living there. Plus, they’ve got MIT and Harvard!
  2. New York City. The saying goes: “Live there once, but move before it makes you too hard.”I think I would go bankrupt if I ever live in New York. So I’d better not. Sigh.
  3. Washington DC. Another one of those amazing melting pots along the East Coast. Yes, there’s all the iconic buildings, but there’s also the oh so cosy outskirts of the city where all the great restaurants lay.
  4. The A1A scenic bypass in Florida. Because I couldn’t choose one place in Florida that I like best. Or no, let’s move onto nr 5 …
  5. Marco Island, Fla. All the houses there come with a jetty and a boat. Really. No kidding.
  6. Mystic. Home of the Mystic Pizza. OK, you’ve seen the movie, but you really have to taste the pizza. The tomato sauce really is that incredible.
  7. Cape Cod. It’s just so pretty. Go there in May, the season is just starting then and the roads aren’t clogged with tourists and weekenders.

You will get to know these places as I go along, no worries 😉

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