Miami South Beach: where to stay

So, are you going to Miami? Thinking about going to Miami? Be prepared that Will Smith’s song will be in your head FOREVER. When you’re planning your trip, he’ll be chanting about getting the heat on because you are going to Miami. The week before you’re boarding the plane? “I’m going to Miami.” Arriving at the airport? “Welcome to Miami.” Cruising on the I95 and then the I395 to your hotel? “South Beach bringing’ the heat, can y’all feel that?”

Sorry about that – but don’t you go complaining that I didn’t warn you! 🙂

Anyway, so you’re going to Miami? If you don’t know where to stay yet, here’s my personal tip for you: Pestana South Beach Art Deco Hotel. It’s a boutique hotel right in the Art Deco District of Miami South Beach (or SoBe as the locals call it). I stayed there in May 2014 and I loved it. I drove my rental car – a Ford Mustang Convertible, what did you expect? – right up to the hotel. You can park in front whilst checking in and offloading your luggage.

The incredibly nice person at reception immediately welcomed me (it was late, I was tired, hungry and jet lagged), checked me in and showed me directions to the parking lot where I could leave the ‘Stang. It’s just 2 blocks away from the hotel, easy peasy. When I got back, my bags were already waiting in the room. As the hotel was not too fully booked (the Miami Music Winter Conference and spring break had just passed), the nice lady upgraded me to a South Beach Deluxe room. Lovely. The rest of my stay went on uneventful – and that’s a good thing! Maybe one point of interest: the water in the pool was really warm, a bit too warm for my liking.

The hotel is located 2 blocks from the beach and is in the vicinity of several great little restaurants. I highly recommend it!


My room:


The obligatory poolside shot:


If you’re interested in booking the hotel and you live in Belgium, you can find it here: or here: If you’re living anywhere else, here’s the website of the Pestana hotel chain:

Have you stayed there yourself? Do share your own experiences in the comments box, I’d love to hear from you!

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