The Chocolate Line, Bruges

Sometimes you come across a gem that you have to share with everyone you know – and everyone you don’t know! So please join me on this journey through the best chocolate store in Belgium: The Chocolate Line:


Bruges is literally jam packed with one chocolate store after another. I often feel sorry for the tourists that have to make a choice between all the chocolate goodies this city has to offer. I feel even more sad when they enter a chocolate store that is obviously just another tourist trap. I do hope these people don’t go home thinking what all the fuss is about Belgian chocolate. To all those people: please go to the little square called Simon Stevinplein in Bruges, follow your nose picking up those lovely cacao smells and step into the fairy chocolate wonderland that is called The Chocolate Line.


This is the store owned by one crazy Belgian guy called Dominique Persoone aka the Chock-O-Latier aka the guy who was able to put rock and roll into chocolate. You don’t have to take my word for it, but Dominique is the supplier of chocolate goodies to one chef called Sergio Herman (of the now closed Oud Sluis? 3 Michelin stars?). He is also the guy who created the Chocolate Shooter for The Rolling Stones.

What the hell is a chocolate shooter I hear you thinking – well, it’s a device that shoots flavored chocolate powder right up your nose. Weird huh? But it’s such an amazing sensation, it’s like the chocolate goes immediately into your brain and into your veins. Ideal for chocolate junkies 🙂

leftie-chocolate-shooter shooter


And the rock and roll doesn’t end there – the rest of the store is filled with pralines like the “Atlanta”: a praline filled with hazelnut and cola ganache and sparkling sugar (the one that pops into your mouth). Or there’s “Asian Confetti”: caramel with rice vinegar, soy sauce, praliné made of sesame seeds, sansho pepper and sparkling sugar. Try the white praline “Bollywood” which is filled with white chocolate ganache flavored with saffron and a mild curry. And I don’t need to explain what’s in the “Tequila”, right? For the less adventurous amongst you: Dominique makes the best melo cakes and there’s entire blocs of chocolate you can buy by the pound. There’s even chocolate lipstick!

460W6515TheChocolateLine8 IMG_2096kl


Interested? Intrigued? Hungry? Drooling? Just go and say to the lovely people behind the counter: “I’ll have one of each please!” 🙂


All information:  All pictures courtesy of the chocolate line.

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