Vegetarian recipe: green asparagus pasta

In honour of World Veggie Day today (every 1st of October) I will share with you one of my vegetarian recipes. I love vegetarian food, not just for saving cows, pigs and chicken from the slaughter house, but also for the taste!

Unfortunately, the perception still is that vegetarian food is boring, lacking in flavors and consists only of vegetables. The opposite is true! I hope I’ll be able to convince you otherwise with my veggie recipes. My inspiration often comes from recipes by Jamie Oliver or the BBC Good Food website, but I always add my own twist to the recipe to make it even more tasty.

So, let’s start things off with an easy one!

cream asparagus

Your shopping list for 2 people:

  • 1 bunch of fresh green asparagus
  • 150 to 200 ml cream
  • 2 garlic cloves (or 3 to 4 if you’re a garlic lover like me), sliced
  • 50g freshly grated parmesan cheese (or a veggie alternative) + some shavings for on top
  • 250g tagliatelle
  • some vegetable stock + pasta stock if you have it
  • pepper and salt
  • 200g quorn cubes

Recipe for my green asparagus veggie pasta:

  • Cut off the woody stalks at the end of your asparagus. Cut them up into pieces of +/- 3cm and keep the heads separatly.
  • Bring water to bowl in a large pan with the pasta stock if you have it. Add the pasta and cook according to the pack instructions. Keep some of the boiling water aside.
  • When the timer shows 4 more minutes to go on the pasta, add the green asparagus pieces (warning: not the tips, you need to keep those aside until the end).
  • When the timer shows 1 more minute, add the tips of the asparagus too. Drain everything.
  • In the mean time, bring the cream with the sliced up garlic to cooking point in a small saucepan. Crumble a little bit of vegetable stock in there for the taste, add the grated parmesan cheese and mix up until the sauce is nice and creamy. Add some of the boiling pasta water to make it smooth if necessary. Set aside.
  • In a pan, add some olive oil and bake the quorn. Season with lots of pepper and salt (or to your own tasting).
  • Toss the pasta with the green asparagus back into your big cooking pot, add the cream and the quorn and toss it all together. If the creamy sauce is still too thick, add some more of the pasta water and mix it up some more.
  • Serve with some extra shaved parmesan cheese.


(picture courtesy from BBC Good Food)

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