New York: where to sleep in the city that never sleeps?

I love New York! I’ve even got a tattoo that says so … It’s my favourite city in the whole world (well, so far, because I haven’t visited every city in the world yet). I’ve been there so many times now I can’t keep count anymore.


Everytime people I know consider going to New York, they not only ask me my list of things to do there, but also: where do I stay? And I always ask them the same question: well, what’s your budget? You see, you can make you stay there as cheap as you like (well, sort of) or as expensive as you can. Either way, choose wisely, because you will get knackered, you will need your beauty sleep and you will sleep in the city that never sleeps!

Let’s start with the theme song that goes through my mind whenever I start making plans to go to the City – New York by Alicia Keys and Jay Z. Because Sinatra is just too obvious, no?

So, I’ve gathered up my top three hotels in NYC. For me, it’s all about location, peace and quiet (as far as that’s possible) and a certain kind of classy style. Again, the hotels are listed in a random kind of order!

The Waldorf Astoria


So. Yeah. Everyone who goes to NYC for the first time says they want to do it the right way, because they will only go there this one time. Yeah right. If you’re “unlucky” like me, you’ll become addicted to the place and try to find ways (and money) to go back as quickly as possible. Anyhow, back to the Waldorf. So, we wanted to do it right, so we went to the Waldorf. First up: it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be, so that was a bonus. You step into this impressive lobby where they check you in very smoothly.


We were in a standard room and as New York standards go, this room is BIG. There’s carpet on the floor, the beds are big (we had two queens in our room, but they seemed like kings to me) and at night it’s quiet! You know how hotels can get noisy right? People wandering in and out of their room, slamming the doors, people in the rooms next to you or above making noise, … ? Well, not in the Waldorf. I think it’s thanks to the thickness of the carpets, combined with the fact that the average age of the guests was +50. We were literally the youngest people in the house. Not that I minded. Slept like a baby.


By the way, not only the waldorf salad and red velvet cake had it’s origin here, also room service first took place in the Waldorf Astoria. And I do recommend it! I know, I know, there’s loads of really amazing restaurants all over the city, but try something from the room service menu when you’re staying in this epic hotel.

By the way, there’s also a Starbucks in the hotel and you get a newspaper delivered to your door every morning. How’s that for service?

Hotel Mela


The Mela is located very convienently just off Times Square and I recommend this hotel for this particular reason. Times Square at night is something that you just have to see and it’s really easy to have a hotel that’s situated in one of the side streets. This makes it also very close by to a lot of restaurants, and Broadway is not far away either. The rooms are nice and clean, but they are up to par to the New York standards: small. OK, I admit I am a big shopper, but after just two days, I had to jump onto the bed, because we couldn’t get around it anymore.

mela room

But that’s the only downside – I mean, you can just opt to book a bigger sized room instead of the standard double, no? The bed was very comfortable and the bathroom was clean and modern, albeit a little on the small side as well. There’s a (small) closet, a big screen tv and a minibar in the room too.

The Soho Grand


This one is my personal favourite. It’s on the expensive side, but it’s so worth it! First up: location! I mean, for a shopaholic like me, a hotel that’s situated in Soho is pure heaven. Second, you’re close to Little Italy and who doesn’t like/love/adore Italian food?? Thirdly, the staff. They are soooo friendly! From the doormen that greet you with a smile, to the guys behind reception right onto the lovely people behind the guest services desk that point to you the right direction. By the way, when you check in on the first floor, you get a hot wet towel for your face and pink champagne! From now on, I always want to be greeted with pink champagne. 🙂


We got upgraded for free to a superior king room because it was our 10th wedding anniversary. Bonus! The rooms are OK in size, not too big, not too small. One really cool extra the hotel offers is free use of their retro looking bicycles:


As New York is turning into a bicycle-friendly city, this is a big plus. We also had a jummy coffee in the Club Room bar of the hotel. Superb cappuccino! I think I’m going to try the food in the Grand Bar as well when we are back there. I’ll let you know if it’s any good.


If you want to make your own booking in one of these hotels, please follow these links:

The Waldorf:

The Mela:

The Soho Grand:


Sleep tight 😉

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