Tripadvisor top 25 all inclusive hotels

When you’re looking for your next holiday or your next cosy little restaurant to eat, how do you decide where to go to? When I look around and check how my friends and colleagues go about it, I mostly see that they ask information or help from others who can share information. I’ve been asked about my travel tips to Florida and New York numerous times  – that’s one of the main reasons why I started this blog by the way. To share my information with you guys.

Tripadvisor hands out awards yearly to the best rated hotels, restaurants, … you might have seen them hanging around in some of the hotels you’ve stayed in? They also make top listings on a yearly basis of some of the biggest search items people look for on their website. One of the recent lists caught my attention, the top 25 all inclusive resorts.


I’ve been working in tourism now for over 15 years and I’ve grown pretty fond of the all inclusive concept. It’s so easy! You know in advance what the entire trip (minus shopping and other extra expenses!) is going to cost you, you don’t have to cook for yourself (no washing up either! 🙂 ) and in most places the buffet choices are endless and the cocktails are made with care. It’s incredibly easy too if you’re traveling with kids! Most all inclusive resorts cater to the tiny travellers and often offer snacks and ice-cream in the afternoon. When my purpose of travel is “total relaxation”, I always book an all inclusive.

Anyway, back to the list. I thought I’d give you an overview of the top 5 of the list, because – surprise surprise – 4 out of the top 5 hotels are situated in the Caribbean and out of those four, 3 are situated in my beloved Mexico, along the Riviera Maya.

  • Royalton Cayo Santa Maria – Cuba

royalton cayo santa maria

  • Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso – Mexico

Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso - Mexico

  • Kurumba – Maldives

Kurumba Maldives

  • Le Blanc Spa Resort – Mexico

Le Blanc Spa Resort - Mexico

  • Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun – Mexico

Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun - Mexico

You can find the entire top 25 here:

Happy travels!

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