Camden Town, London. Foodie heaven.

Camden used to be an industrial neighborhood. During the 70ies however, the London council decided to open the Camden Lock Market and the rest is history. Nowadays, Camden is one of the hotspots of London, both for tourists, but luckily still also for Londoners. Take the Northern Line on the tube to Camden Town station and step right into one of the liveliest places of London. Just one heads up: on Sunday, the Camden Town station is only open for incoming traffic.


Camden is home to 5 market places where you can just about find anything you’re looking for. Or get tattooed and/or pierced if you really want to fit in 😉

camden town london local

I love going to Camden for the vibe that’s having around, but most of all: for all the different types of food you can get at all the food stalls.

Camden London food stall

You can actually take a world trip here with all the food that’s on offer. And it’s so cheap!! Another bonus is that the food stall chefs try to attract you with free samples, so if you’re not sure where to eat, you can make an informed decision. One tip from me to you: always get the small portions. One: because the portions aren’t really that small anyways, but more importantly, two: because then you can try as much of the cuisine that’s on offer as your stomach can hold! There’s the traditional Chinese, Japanese and Italian food stalls, but don’t forget to redirect your foodie senses to some of the more exotic places: West-African, Ethiopian, Mexican, Malaysian, Brazilian, … My mouth just started to water just by writing about it …

3373281325_c0aaaa87d2 6687581285_8bfb11cf62 Easter-Breakfast-Crepes-galore Food stalls at Camden Market. img_0324 orange

My personal favorite is the Mexican food stall you can find just across from Regent’s Canal on the right hand side when coming from the tube exit. It’s right on the corner and they serve the best fresh burritos smothered with any of your pickings. Make your choice and then head off to the little Vespa-like seats where you can enjoy your meal. Admit it, they’re supercute!

camden london vespa seat

And Please, don’t forget about dessert!! It’s the most important meal of the day. Or the best one anyway 😉

A1is5NWCAAARKEs  image   camden-market IMG_1566 IMG_0997 photo-1-18

Sorry, got a bit carried away there … Is London calling yet? 🙂

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