Trip to New York: day 1

So we made it into the country and into the city. Time to get moving to 310, West Broadway and check into the Soho Grand Hotel. Like last time, we were joyfully greeted by the ever present doormen who took over our luggage and guided us to the reception on the first floor. Check in was really smooth, like last time, but unlike last time we didn’t get a glass of pink champagne. I guess the check in policy must have changed. Too bad.

Soho-Grand-Exterior SG_CORNER_KING

We were swiftly given our keycards to our standard queen room and went up to the 15th floor. I always feel right at home when we enter the hotel. The atmosphere that lingers in the hotel and the rooms is one of relaxation and quietness. The halls are decked with thick carpet, so you never hear people stomping about the hallways. The light fittings in the hotel and in the rooms is very subdued. Maybe a bit too subdued, but then it also adds to entire atmosphere. Don’t expect bright lights and flashy colors, it’s all very soothing orange, browns, copper and vanilla. The minibar is stacked, there are cookies available and there’s even a travel plug if you’ve forgotten that the sockets are different in the States than where you’re from.

New this time, or I looked over it when we were last here in 2013, is the dog park! Soho Grand is a very dog friendly hotel and they’ve added a small dog park next to the hotel, available for dogs accompanied by their owners. There are some doggie rules to abide by though! 🙂

IMG_2410 IMG_2423

The best way to keep the jetlag from getting under your skin, is immediately start living according to the local time. So you have to hit the streets immediately and try to stay awake until 9PM at best.

As my husband wanted to try and find a cheaper way to surf the web, call and text via his iPhone, we went in search of a good deal with a mobile provider. We were told to get into a Best Buy and look for what’s on offer there with a sim card and then a day by day subscription. We asked information at the info counter of a Best Buy near Union Square. The lady just pointed at a rack of sim cards by various providers and I guess it was up to us to figure things out. Nope. We went further on and entered the T-Mobile store on 732, Broadway. We were helped immediately by a very nice guy who explained us what we should be getting. We got a T-Mobile sim card and a $3 a day subscription for 4G, limitless texts and calls. In and out of the store in 15 minutes. Thanks guys!

Onto Union Square in search of food. We Yelped a bit and decided to go to Vapiano. Apparently this is part of a world wide chain. It could have been due to the jetlag starting to kick in, but this really wasn’t my kind of restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, the food was OK, but the system was bizarre. You get a card when you enter the restaurant which you use for ordering and then paying when you go. You choose where you want to sit and then grab a menu from somewhere and go to the different counters to order. There’s (really huge) salads, lots of pasta, pizza, soup, … I think I need to warm up to it, but as I could not order from any waiter nor sit and relax, it just wasn’t my kind of thing.

vapiano_v3_460x285 csm_cooking_station_89e1c36fbd

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