Trip to New York: how to get there

Hi there! Sorry I haven’t been posting anything for a couple of days, but I’ve had a good excuse: I was in New York! And I’ve brought back several new tips to share with you all! Over the next few posts, you’ll be able to read all about it. We’ve most certainly enjoyed it, so I hope I’ll be able to give you some extra inspiration that’ll make you want to book that trip asap!

NYC skyline


First up, this trip was my birthday gift to my husband. He turned 40 recently and as NYC is his favorite part of the world, it seemed the best present. We left for the airport a day early, on the 28th of December. Weather conditions in Belgium were atrocious, so I booked a “fly&go” package at the Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport. This means you get a one night sleep, a free shuttle transfer to the airport (which is only 5 minutes away), you can park you car there for free for up to 15 days (!!) and when you get back, there’s a free shuttle service that takes you back to the hotel from the airport. For under €90 for this entire package, that was a sweet deal! (The link to book this hotel for your next trip is mentioned below.)

"VFMLID=32659933" crowne-plaza-brussels-2945036269-2x1

Another good thing about booking an airport hotel is that you get to sleep in. The plane was due to leave at 10h20, so we embarked to the airport at 8h30. Otherwise, we’d have to get up at 6 in the morning to be able to catch that flight …

I got us business class tickets on the Brussels Airlines SN501 flight to JFK. Brussels Airlines has started flying in the Star Alliance group a while back now and they offer daily flights to NYC. We had never flown in business before, but if my bank account can handle it, it won’t be our last. We we’re the first to be let on the plane. Lots of storage space for your hand luggage and the seating space was huge! You could totally recline your seat without bothering anyone: lounge or bed position. There was even a massage button where the seat cushions started to roll from top to bottom. Amazing.

brussels airlines business class jfk nyc

The service in business class is something else too. Like in the movies, they start by giving you a glass of champagne (Laurent Perrier in this case). Or wine, water or orange juice. We chose the last one, it was still morning you know. After take off, we did accept the second offering of Laurent Perrier together with some fresh olives and an appetizer. We were then shown a menu where we could pick out what we wanted to eat for starters, main and dessert. We started with the smoked salmon and blinis and then took the fish for our main course. Believe me, there wasn’t space anymore for dessert … and I’m a sweet tooth, so I almost never pass on dessert! We reclined our seats to bed modus and were able to catch a couple of hours of sleep in total silence. After waking up, I was greeted by the nice air hostess with some more fresh drinks and a selection of Neuhaus chocolate pralines. Heavenly. Just before landing, we both even got a box set of these pralines.

IMG_2334 IMG_2416


I highly recommend business class if the prices are reasonable. You can always ask for an upgrade at the check-in desk too. On the return flight, I asked and it would have cost me $550 per person. Take it. You won’t be disappointed.


For booking the Crowne Plaza, just visit:ë//crowne-plaza-brussels-airport-87706

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