Trip to New York: January 1st, 2015, shopping time!

January 1st. The day most people walk around in a haze of too much food, too much alcohol and not enough sleep. Not us though, not during this trip. Today was a day for shopping and revisiting shops and restaurants we’d been to before which we loved.

Onto 5th and into the Apple store. Once we figured out on that the dollar is actually pretty strong against the euro, we decided not to get that new iPad mini. Always download that XE-app on your smartphone, it comes in pretty handy if you’re not the mathematician like I am.

From the Apple store on 5th it’s only a few steps to the iconic FAO Schwartz store. I know I am not a child, but this store always fills me with happiness, so a trip in here is mandatory. I always start on the bottom floor with the stuffed animals. The biggest one gets my cuddles. Tried the puppy look on my husband again, again to no avail. One day you will be mine big pink dog!

fao schwartz new york nyc pink dogfao schwartz new york nyc pink dog

Have you ever seen the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks? A scene was shot here on the top floor, where you can find the big piano on the floor. Kick off your shoes and start playing your tunes! But we had the most fun this time playing with the light sabers of Star Wars. We had to do the sound effects ourselves, but we didn’t mind. And the store managers don’t mind you playing with the stuff either. Yay!

Onto a bigger, but more expensive playground of mine across the street. Bergdorf Goodmans. First, take your time to look at all the lovely window displays. They are complete works of art, not just for christmas.


I was looking for a new pair of Louboutins and as the service in here is much more friendly than in the actual Louboutin store, I suggest you look for your pair in here. Their collection is quite big as well. Plus, apparently sales start at the beginning of January in the city, so there were loads of lovely items on sale too. Unfortunately, I kept my cool and didn’t buy me a new pair of Loubs. My motto is “only shell out that kind of money on shoes if you really want them”.

For lunch, we went to Carmine’s again. You know, that big Italian place where you can feed an entire family with just one order of food. We got the spagh & meatballs. Again. Why change a winning team, right?

carmine's new york nyc

So what’s a girl to do when it’s the January sales and she hasn’t spent anything yet? Go find that store you passed on your first day with all the clothes in the window that you loved. Luckily for me and my wardrobe, I have a photographic memory when it comes to stores … Back to Union Square, onto University Place and then look out for that particular window that stood out a couple of days before. I am really into Americana and plaids at the moment and this store was full of it! At first, when I saw the store was Ralph Lauren, I got a bit depressed as this brand tends to be quite expensive. But apparently, there’s a denim mini Ralph Lauren brand. The store is called Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren. And when we were there – joy oh joy – there was an additional 40% off on top of the sales prices. Needless to say that I got myself a whole bunch of new winter stuff. This store is a beauty!

Afbeelding-182 denim-and-supply-store-opening-2-600x425

After happily returning to the hotel with some overspilling bags, my husband claimed he wanted to go back to Uncle Ted’s. As everything was so delicious the previous time we were there, he got no complaints from me. Booked a table online as it was so busy there last time. I got the – surprise surprise – pork dumplings and the husband went with the wonton soup this time. Both were awesome, packed in flavors again. Then we went for the pad thai with chicken. If you’re allergic to nuts, don’t order this dish as it comes with peanuts. It tasted sooooo good again. Uncle Ted’s will be for sure our to go to restaurant when we get back to New York. By the way, I kept my fortune cookie this time as it was pretty appropriate for me: “If you wish to see the best in others, show the best of yourself”

uncle ted's pad thai chicken

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