Restaurant review: ‘t Groote Huys, Oostende

I received a sweet e-mail from a reader called Ulla last Friday. She went to have lunch at Bentley’s after reading the restaurant review and was happy to have found a lunch spot that not’s your typical “fish restaurant by the seaside”. I decided to dedicate this blog post to her and add a review of another one of my favorite restaurants in Oostende, ‘t Groote Huys.


‘t Groote Huys is situated in a street not too far away from the ocean front, about a 5 minutes walk from the casino. The outside is a beautiful town mansion and the inside is just as impressive. In all honesty, I didn’t expect to find this kind of interior in Ostend. Everyone I’ve been with has entered and said “wow, this looks like something that should be located in Ghent, not Ostend”.

groote huys oostende indoor

It’s been beautifully renovated inside and the tables are all vintage. Light floods in thanks to the huge windows looking out into the magnificent and secluded town garden.

If you’re planning a visit there in the summer, please be smart and reserve your table outside in advance. It’s quite a big restaurant inside, but the seating is limited outside.

groote huys oostende outdoor

By the way, take your time as well to admire the lovely wooden bar that adornes the place. It’s quite a piece.


The food matches the location: lovely big salads, incredibly tasty pastas, fresh fish dishes and suggestions that change on a frequent basis. Look for the chalkboards to read all about them. They use fresh ingredients, so it might be that some suggestions sell out quicker than you can order them. No worries, there’s more to choose from.

I would not suggest you coming here for a speedy quick lunch. For one, you need to take your time to choose, savour the food and enjoy your surroundings. Second, the dishes are not very cheap, but up to par with the standard of food and service you’re getting.

‘t Groote Huys is open for lunch and dinner – but it’s open throughout the day. You can drop in from your shopping for tea, coffee and dessert. They also boast about their home made chocolate milk. Gotta give that a try really soon!

Get inspired and take a look at their website and do let me know if you’ve enjoyed this restaurant!

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