It’s that time of the year in Belgium: geutelingen!

Wintertime means “geutelingen”-time for me. I can not translate the word for you as it’s a typical Belgian food speciality that’s only being made once a year and only in the region of Elst (= Flemish Ardennes).

Geutelingen look similar to pancakes, but they’re thicker and heavier in taste too. You can only buy them in this particular region and only during a specified period of weeks at the end of January, beginning of February.

geuteling wood oven geutelingen

Geutelingen are made in a traditional open wood oven. They then cool down on top of fresh straw. The scent is amazing when they’re freshly out of the oven, just smear some lovely butter on top and spread it with brown sugar. HEAVEN! You can buy them in Elst in bags of 10 pieces for about 6€ which is a total bargain.

Read all about it on the website (Dutch only, sorry):

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