Ibiza, the White Island: my top 4 hotel picks

This week is the annual Carnival holiday week in Belgium. In our company, Jetair, we always conduct a survey to check which destinations are the highest on the list of our customers. In the past, Turkey was the focal point of our all inclusive travellers, but Spain is regaining it’s appeal. To be honest, I’ve never been to Spain much, I haven’t even seen Barcelona yet. Yes, shame on me, but there’s so much on the to do list, I have to make choices. But there’s one Spanish destination that’ll always have the centre of my attention.

The magical island of Ibiza. 

The entire island has some sort of hedonism connotation, but believe me, there’s so much more to this island than partying. I will guide you through the best restaurants in future blogs, but let me kick off by sharing with you my best picks of hotels on the island.

When you think of hotels and Ibiza, you immediately think of the Spanish (ex-Fiesta, now) Palladium hotel chain. They have an excellent range of hotels on the island, catering to all age groups and tastes. There are family all inclusive orientated hotels, adults only hotels and of course the epic themed hotels. I’ve had the pleasure to stay in several of their accommodations and I’ve been enchanted by all of them so far.  Let me start off with the most epic hotels they have in their portfolio …

  • Ushuaia Beach Hotel

First of all, I wouldn’t bring the kids to this hotel (it’s adults only for starters). And if you’re looking for a nice quiet little place, ignore the Ushuaia as well, no matter how appealing the pictures and rooms look. Fiesta labels it as “the unexpected hotel” and they are more than right. It’s not just a hotel. It’s an experience. It’s the top dj’s performing on one of the most spectacular locations you’ll ever see. It’s small, but comfortable, clean, white rooms with an LED-panel behind the bed that allows you to change the colors according to your current mood. I had the chance to stay in one of the double superior swim-up rooms in the club section of the hotel. I know prices are a bit steep, but with a stay comes free entrance to all the Ushuaia-parties during your stay. Not to be missed. By the way, the breakfast is heavenly too. One downside: it always looks like the hotel is invaded by supermodels, so you might feel a bit plain, unless you’re a supermodel yourself of course.

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  • Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza

Still in Playa d’en Bossa, but a little bit further down the road of the Ushuaia, is where you will find the Grand Palladium Palace. This hotel is an all inclusive hotel that is perfect for bringing the kids. It’s smack bang on the ocean front of Playa D’en Bossa, yet out of the way of where all the action is. For me it was perfect, because it’s such a quiet hotel. There is lots of entertainment and dining options available, but the hotel was so big, you could always find peace and quiet somewhere. There are also 2 very big pools present and if you’re thinking of holding a conference on the island, this hotel is the place for you and your company.

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  • Sa Talaia

Let’s get out of Playa d’En Bossa and head into the direction of San Antonio. Just before you enter this town, head left towards the seaside and stumble upon the exclusive Sa Talaia hotel. You will immediately feel like you’ve stumbled upon a piece of heaven. It’s exclusive, it’s quiet and it’s also very small, so you need to book your room quickly before it sells out. Booking your stay here also allows you entrance to the Ushuaia hotel and it’s parties, so that’s a big plus. You’ll have all the advantages of Ushuaia, but you’ll be able to snuggle up into this beautiful hotel afterwards. The hotel has a pool and a restaurant where you will be served fresh dishes prepared on the spot.

2057733_80 congress_hotel_venue_search_sa_talaia_hotel_rural__restaurant_784602781 Hotel-Rural-Sa-Talaia-photos-Restaurant rural-sa-talaia-sant-antoni-de-portmany_big

  • Palladium Don Carlos

Another adults only hotel, this time located in the wonderful town of Santa Eulalia, about 20 minutes drive from Ibiza Town. Don Carlos is nestled on a hill side and boasts of some lovely 360° views. There’s 2 really nice restaurants and you can also order some take-away picnic for when you’re off exploring the island. The rooms are spacious, and I’d recommend you book yourself a suite. You will have guaranteed sea views, a lovely walk-in shower, but most importantly: an in-room jacuzzi. Highly appreciated.

024844a_hb_w_004 172951_345743_634774443337702565  hotel Carlos-Anlage


As I said, Spain is back on the tourist maps, so I’d suggest you book your rooms fast before they get snapped up. Especially the high season in Ibiza tends to get book out quite quickly and I’d be a real shame to miss out on these hotels …

For information on Ushuaia, go to: http://www.palladiumhotelgroup.com/en/playa-den-bossa/ushuaia-ibiza-beach-hotel/

If the Grand Palladium Palace is the hotel for you, visit http://www.palladiumhotelgroup.com/en/playa-den-bossa/palladium-palace-ibiza-resort/ For bookings in this hotel from Belgium, go to https://www.jetair.be/nl/hotel/spanje/ibiza/grand-palladium-palace-ibiza-resort-01642

Want to sleep in the exclusive Sa Talaia hotel? http://www.palladiumhotelgroup.com/en/es-puig/agroturismo-sa-talaia/ Get in there quick before they get snapped up.

And get all your info about the Don Carlos here http://www.palladiumhotelgroup.com/en/santa-eulalia/palladium-hotel-don-carlos/ and book your room then from Belgium right here https://www.sunjets.be/nl/hotel/spanje/ibiza/palladium-don-carlos-01641

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