Hotel review: Riu Plaza Miami South Beach

miami south beach map

So I’ve been in Miami for a couple of days, one of those short “in and out” city breaks that leave you immersed in a part of the world, but also craving for more. Winter time feel always quite long once you pass the new year marker, so I always try to book my ticket to the sun at the beginning of March. Coincidentally, close to or overlapping with my birthday. This year, I went back to Miami – I was there the previous year as well with the first direct Jetairfly flight into the Miami Dade airport. It’s great for me that we’re now connecting the States with Belgium and at affordable prices too!

Anyway, I had the pleasure to stay at the newly reopened Riu Plaza hotel. Riu has several concepts, Plaza being the citytrip hotel of the lot. By the end of 2015, they’re hopefully opening a Plaza in New York, close to Times Square too. Yay 🙂 Riu Plaza is a totally new concept to me, so I was curious to see what the difference might be with a ClubHotel or a Palace. 

Here’s a list of my pros:

  • very nice and open reception area
  • valet parking, right under the hotel, very convenient
  • free wifi, not a standard in the Riu Hotel chain, so I was very pleasantly surprised
  • nice breakfast buffet with fresh cooking, included in the price
  • best orange juice that I’ve tasted in my life
  • nice big rooms, get the ones with a balcony
  • nice big beds, a queen sized bed per person
  • sinks, separate from your bathroom where the toilet and walk in shower is located
  • incredibly friendly staff
  • free concierge service who’s present from around 8h30 till 7PM
  • big pool area with lots of free loungers and fresh towels
  • direct access to the Miami SoBe boardwalk
  • direct access to the lovely SoBe beach

Of course, there are, like in any hotel also a few cons:

  • the valet parking will set you back $30 per night
  • if you want to use your safe, it’ll cost you $2 per night
  • the carpet in the hallways were not renovated, they were old and were not being vacuumed by housekeeping
  • there was audible noise in-between rooms and from the outside

Overall, I’d give this hotel a 8 to an 8,5 out of 10. My main issue was with the carpet in the hallways to be honest. You renovate the hotel and make the rooms look very nice and clean with a lovely big and white reception hall and then the carpets don’t match the entire look and feel.

Would I go back? Yes, definitely! I’m a very big fan of the Riu hotel chain and this Plaza concept quite appeals to me. I’m hoping they will hit more big cities in the future, so I can spend my city breaks with Riu as well as my leisure breaks. They always offer a great standard of value for money.

Riu Plaza Miami Beach Hotel Reception Riu Plaza Miami South Beach Florida standard double room

Miami South Beach boardwalk beach


If you want to book your stay in the Riu Plaza, go to 

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3 thoughts on “Hotel review: Riu Plaza Miami South Beach

  1. Gosh that looks beautiful!! I love when a hotel includes wifi though I love it more when the breakfast is included. Is it always included or are there cheaper rates that exclude it. We moved to Europe couple of years ago so I’m not always up on the common practice of US hotels but is it common for them to charge for safes now?

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    • It was a great hotel! Apparently wifi is included in the room rate. Normally Riu charges you for ut, but I’m guessing it’s included in all their Plaza-hotels. Breakfast is not a real must gave for me either, but it was very good, so I’m glad it was included.

      Never heard of charging for a safe either. Weird …

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      • We were at a hotel in london that required you to pay for the safe but it was in the front desk are and not in the room. But otherwise I’ve always seen it free!


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