Restaurant review: Cecconi’s Miami South Beach

During my recent trip to Miami, a visit to the Cecconi’s restaurant in South Beach was very high up my list of to do’s. Thanks to their easy to use website, I booked a table for our first dinner there. First tip: make reservations beforehand. It’s almost always completely booked up, and if it’s not, you might have to have dinner at the reception area of the Soho House where it’s situated and you miss out on one of the most gorgeous dinner locations you’ve ever been.

And yes, I do say dinner, not brunch or breakfast. I’m totally in love with the atmosphere that hangs around the restaurant at night. It might be because I’m a sucker for christmas lights of course. I mean, look at this place:

cecconi's miami exterior

And this is just at dusk, when it’s totally dark outside, it’s just amazingly beautiful. That doesn’t mean it looks drop dead gorgeous during the day too of course:

cecconi's miami italian restaurant daytime

First up: how to get there … it isn’t easy … Our GPS took us to the right location, but the name of the restaurant is so obscured, you can easily miss it. It’s right in the corner of Collins Avenue, located at the back of the magnificent Soho House hotel. If you’ve got your car, there’s valet parking, which will set you back around $25. Or you can take a taxi of course. This is where you should aim your directions to:

miami beach cecconi's map collins avenue

We were greeted by two very nice ladies at the reception of the restaurant. The reservation was made, but our table wasn’t ready just yet. So we were placed at a table in the reception of the hotel and a friendly waiter took our drink order. When in an Italian restaurant, I order prosecco, so I did here too. It was a heavenly glass of bubbles.

cecconi's miami beach prosecco

We were escorted to our table after about a 5 minute wait and welcomed by our lovely waiter. For starters, I ordered the calamari fritti with aioli and my mom chose the beef carpaccio with homemade mayonnaise. Never have I ever tasted such an amazing calamari dish. The batter was just perfect and the aioli nice and garlicky.

For our main course, we both chose the special of the day, orecchiette with brocoli, white wine, a garlic and tomato sauce and Italian sausage. Unfortunately, the orecchiette were all sold out, so they served us rigatoni instead. The flavors of the dish were very very tasty and the entire dish was very filling. We both had a glass of white wine to accompany the main course.

Unfortunately for me, by the end of the meal, I no longer has space for dessert … too bad, because I love dessert … but on the other hand, as this meal set us back $200 with tip included, I guess we’d had our fair share. I will be back for sure, those calamari were just too good …


If you’re looking at having breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner here, make your reservations on the Cecconi’s website:


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