Restaurant review: Bistro 245 – Key West, Florida

After a couple of recipes and a much loved review of L.E.S.S. (thanks for the love you guys!) it’s back to my preferred turf, Florida! During my trip last March I finally made it till the end of the A1A; all the way to Key West! People say that driving along the Keys is a once in a lifetime experience. I don’t really know about that. It’s quite difficult to overtake a slow car and it’s not all that exotic as you might think. Nor is the entire road full of epic views like you get on the 7 Mile Bridge. That one is a thing of beauty! Plus, it gets you to Bahia Honda Beach (see previous post: ) and … to Key West!

I loved Key West! I loved it so much I was disappointed I didn’t book an overnight stay there. I don’t know if you have this too, but some things/places get a theme song whenever I think of it. Well, Key west immediately gets the “Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for Me” theme song! Captain Jack Sparrow all the way!

We planned to go to the Latitudes restaurant, but we were unaware that there was a boat shuttle that we needed to take to get there. The previous one had just departed, we were hungry, so we went in search for somewhere else to eat …

Bistro 245 Key West by Westin

We chose the Bistro 245 by Westin, a lovely place with lots of outdoor seating, a great view onto the turquoise waters that surround Key West and a view on the Sunset Key (where Latitudes is located). The service was incredibly friendly. As we had driven a lot of miles to get there, I wanted to relax for a bit in the sunshine, so I ordered a Cosmopolitan. It was incredibly good, perfect balance between sweet and sour.

The Tasty Traveller cosmopolitan Key West

For lunch, there’s quite an extensive menu. You get to choose between salads, burgers and a big selection of sandwiches. My mom went for the seafood salad, I took the turkey club sandwich. Both were very very tasty. The seafood salad was quite big, with lots of shrimp, a mango dressing and some tasty roasted pineapple slices. Winner!! My turkey club came with some yummy french fries – but what made this a tasty sandwich was the fresh aioli instead of the regular mayonnaise. Really good!

As we were totally relaxing on the lunch terrace, we took some dessert. My mom asked for the Starbucks regular coffee and she got an entire can! For only $3! Bargain! I am a sweet tooth, so as we were in Key West, I wanted to try the Key Lime pie. I confess, I had never tasted one before … It was soooo good! It was accompanied by some passion fruit coulis, which gave the dessert the perfect balance between the acidy taste of the lime and the sweetness of the passion fruit. Once more a winner!

Bistro 245 key lime pie

Will I be back? For sure! But I’ll be booking a stay as well in one of the lovely B&B’s scattered around Key West for sure! I’m hooked, yo ho!



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