Amante Beach Club Ibiza

The summer season in Ibiza is getting back into gear for 2015. I’m seeing lots of plans passing by in status updates on Facebook and the first pictures of re-openings of hotels, bars, clubs and restaurants are flashing by on my wall. Ibiza-jitters are reviving!!

I’ve already blogged my top hotel picks – if you’re interested, have a read:  If you know where you want to stay, you can start planning your stay on this magnificent island.

As I love to eat, people often ask me where they need to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the White Island. I have several options, but my first reaction is always Amante Beach Club! But be prepared to spend some money – like almost everywhere else on the island 😉

amante beach club ibiza terrace

Amante Beach Club is situated in the lovely little town of Sol Den Serra. There are street signs to get to where you need to be. Look out for them, because the restaurant / beach club is located in a remote, yet idyllic cove. Its natural long pebble beach that has a huge stunning cliff standing over it, which makes this magnificent bay. It’s a breathtaking view with the long high cliff descending steeply down to the pebble beach which curves around the bay. These steps will guide you from your parking spot to the restaurant and further down to the beach club and the beach itself. So don’t forget to pack your beach bag and make a whole day out of it. You can either choose to lay down your own beach mat on the pebbled beach or you can hire a spot at the Amante Beach Club itself. There are towels and parasols available.

It’s really such a beautiful spot. Pair it together with the incredibly friendly staff that hands out lovely cocktails and great finger food at the beach club, you’re in for a winner. Start the day with slathering on some sunscreen, freshly squeezed orange juice and lay down on your sun bed and just relax. Ask the staff for one of their amazing looking and tasting cocktails.

amante beach club cocktail ibiza

For lunch time, order a glass of rosé cava and get your nose into their menu card to order some of their scrumptious food. You don’t have to take my word for it, Lionel Messi is a regular customer and Kylie Minogue was also spotted here. Have a look at the online à la carte menu: I can highly recommend everything – especially the desserts, so be sure to leave some space for one.

The Amante Beach Club is also available for weddings and private parties. Overall Amante Beach club is one of the top wedding venues on the Island with excellent views and service. If you’re planning of going, be sure to check their online calendar and make reservations ahead. That way, you can avoid disappointments when the venue is closed off for a private gathering. Enjoy your day there and enjoy your food. I’m 100% sure you’ll thank me for this little gem. I mean, look at this view …

Amante Ibiza

ibiza amante beach club table view

amante beach club beach ibiza

To get from Belgium to Ibiza, surf to the Jetairfly website: and fly from Brussels, Liège and Antwerp airport during summer 2015 at exceptional prices.

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