Destination Chalkidiki, Greece.

This summer season, Jetair launched a new destination for it’s travellers, Chalkidiki, Greece. Greece hasn’t really been on top of my to go to list, but when I started looking at pictures of the destination, it looks like a little piece of heaven in Europe …

Chalkidiki Greece view

I mean, crystal clear water, beautiful beaches and amazing looking hotels. What’s not to love? It caters for families as well as couples looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway. I asked Jetair’s product manager what hotel she thinks will be the top favorite hotel of their travellers. Without hesitation, she told me Blue Lagoon Princess.

I can see why she immediately offered this hotel. First of, it’s brand new. Opening date is foreseen at the beginning of May, in a couple of days! Furthermore, looking at the pictures, it looks like a haven of tranquility. During the high season, it’s highly recommended for families. Believe it or not, but the family rooms actually have bunk beds for the kids, how cool is that?

blue lagoon princess chalkidiki family room

There’s also rooms that offer private pools and lots of swim up suites – ideal for splashing in the water!

blue lagoon princess chalkidiki swim up

blue lagoon princess chalkidiki swim up suite room

Standard double rooms look pretty cool too:

blue lagoon princess chalkidiki room blue lagoon princess chalkidiki room 2

Chalkidiki itself as a destination can be reached by flying to Thessaloniki airport. From Brussels, Jetairfly flies twice a week. Chalkidiki offers that authentic Greece that you’re looking for, with picturesque fishermen’s villages scattered all around. And of course, there’s the Greek food to sample: salads with feta cheese, fresh grilled fish and lovely local wines that you just have to try.

chalkidiki village

I sure think it’s a winner. Go to the website of Jetair and find your perfect Greek holiday destination:

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