Restaurant review: Quality Meats, Miami Beach, Florida

quality meats miami beach florida

Always keep the best for last, that’s what they tell you. Well, at Quality Meats in Miami Beach, they give you the best they’ve got the moment you walk in. My mom and I wanted to go for a good steak the last night we were in Miami. My trusted Yelp directed us to this restaurant that had opened not too long ago. The reviews were all raving about the place. I should warn you though, this restaurant doesn’t come cheap. But it’s oh so worth it …

As the restaurant is situated on Collins Avenue, you either walk up there, take a taxi or use the valet parking, which will set you back about $20. We were greeted by a friendly waiter who directed us to our table. The interior is dark brown, made with warm wood, industrial themed. I loved it. But be warned, it’s quite cold in there so bring a sweater or vest …

quality meats miami beach florida inside quality meats miami menu

We were shown the menu – as it was quite expensive, we went for main courses only. You know my motto: always leave room for dessert! My mom chose a really good red wine from California, the Copain Pinot Noir. Highly recommended and it goes perfect with your meat.

copain pinot noir

Just so you know, the menu gives you an overview of what you can order, but the prices don’t include the side dishes nor the greens. You need to order those separately. I went for the 12oz filet mignon and my mom chose the grilled bavette with cured orange salad.

With the wine came the appetizers, watermelon skewers and the very best warm garlic bread with big chunks of sea salt. I’d died and gone to garlic heaven.

quality meats garlic bread quality meats miami beach amuse bouche watermelon

One of the friendly waiters then came over to our table pushing a cart with a small crate on top. She took out a mortar and pestle and started to assemble the very best freshly home made steak sauce I’ve ever eaten. She wouldn’t tell us the entire secret recipe, but ingredients included rosemary, thyme, fresh tomato sauce, roasted garlic, raisins, molasses, and black pepper. I was being spoilt!

quality meats homemade steak sauce

Our main course arrived. I only ordered the roasted potatoes with garlic butter (yeah, more garlic, sorry!) to go with the filet mignon. They came to the table in a cast iron dish which was really hot. And here it comes: they poured the garlic butter over the potatoes right there at the table! Out came a hissing sound and a huge garlic cloud wafting over to the table next to us. Sorry guys! OK, so the filet mignon cost $43 but it was sooooo worth it! I’ve never ever tasted anything like it before, it was pure butter melting in my mouth! Together with the spicy steak sauce and the potatoes, it was just meat heaven. At the other side of the table, my mom was pouring over her bavette as well. The flavors were fresh and oriental thanks to the ginger in the sauce.

quality meats roast potatoes 

I just couldn’t resist and I had to order some dessert too, even though I was already quite full from the amazing meal I’d just had. My mom had the same idea. The dessert menu is just one mouth watering item following another. Our waitress decided to help out and directed us to the raspberry frozen yoghurt with honey poached peaches and the orange creamsicle sherbet. Both were perfect too … but as we were really full, we had to send some back to the kitchen, with reluctance.


If you’re in Miami and you don’t mind spending some cash on the best steak you’ll ever have, then make your reservations now. You won’t be disappointed! Visit their website at By the way, their flagship restaurant is situated in NYC, so you can go there too if you’re in that neck of the woods.

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