Balthazar, New York City

Before going on our latest trip to NYC, I got this pretty amazing tip for a restaurant from the owner of the Bentley’s in Ostend. Remember the review I wrote about his restaurant? Bentley’s Ostend review Jean-Philippe made me promise to stop by the Balthazar restaurant in Soho. Since it was only a block or two from the Soho Grand, it was an easy promise to make. He was pretty lyrical about the place, telling me it was one of his favorite restaurants of the city, it’s décor so similar to a French bistro. On our last day, we decided to go there and have breakfast before heading off to the airport.



From the outside, the beautiful red banner and French-styled lettering invite you in. You are immediately received in a very friendly fashion by the concierge ladies who take you to your table. Please take a moment to look at your surroundings, this place is just beautifully decorated. Tinted glass frames, dark wood, lovely little bistro tables, … The interior just screams France.


Efficient waiters are constantly walking from and to the kitchen in starched white outfits and big white aprons. I love this uniform, it makes the whole place look clean and professional. We were given the breakfast menu and ordered freshly squeezed orange juices. The menu has a lot to offer, but prices looked pretty steep. But then I guess you pay for the great service and impeccable quality of food. We both ordered a cappuccino, as well as scrambled eggs on toast and poached eggs. Not very adventurous, I know, but we had to take a plane in a few hours, and we wanted to keep it a bit light.


The food was incredible. How you can make something special out of something to simple, it still amazes me. But then, that’s what makes a restaurant good in my opinion: simplicity taken to a higher level. The cappuccino for example was so frothy and creamy! They were prepping the oyster bar for lunch when we were having breakfast there. I’m told the hazelnut waffles with warm berries are a treat too!

blathazar-nyc-oyster-bar Balthazar_hazelnut_waffles

It all looked so tasty and fresh, we’ll be back for sure for breakfast, lunch or dinner. By the way, you might rub shoulders with the rich and famous whilst enjoying a meal there: Posh and Becks are customers!

By the way, if you don’t have time to sit down for breakfast, or if you’re in the mood for a real fresh and tasty pastry, step into the French boulangerie next to the main entrance. The food they serve there is just mouthwatering to look at, let alone taste one! You can also grab a tasty freshly made sandwich for a quick lunch.

balthazar-bakery-nyc balthazar-bakery-nyc-fruit-tart


Want to jump in for breakfast or lunch? Or enjoy a lovely dinner at Balthazar? Head over to 80 Spring St, New York! Visit Balthazar NYC website for inspiration and call ahead for a reservation +1 212-965-1785. Bon appétit! 

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