5 travel tips for your furry friends

Are you traveling with your furry friend any time soon? Don’t want to leave him/her behind with family, friends or in an animal hotel? Here are 5 top tips when traveling with your beloved dog or cat:

  • Don’t forget the animal passport!

Yes, a dog or a cat has it’s own passport. When traveling through Europe, don’t forget to apply for your furry friends’ European passport at the vet.

european pet passport

  • Each country has it’s own rules and regulations.

When you’ve selected your holiday destination, go through the rules and regulations of the country in question. In your European pet passport for example, most of the important rules will be stated. Don’t forget to check the import and quarantine regulations.

  • Take a timely trip to the vet for vaccinations!

At least 21 days before departure, your pet needs to be vaccinated against rabies. Some countries even demand an earlier vaccination. Your vet should always state the date of the vaccination in the pets’ passport clearly. Next to rabies, it’s always handy to vaccinate your pet against Lyme’s disease, transferred onto the animal by ticks. Also don’t forget to chip your pet before departure if he/she hasn’t been chipped already.

  • Some countries actually have a prohibition against certain types of dog …

I know, as a dog owner, it sounds crazy, but certain types of dog are prohibited to import in certain countries. Pit bulls unfortunately are prohibited in many countries when traveling. But look at them, they’re so cute:


  • Traveling with your car or the airplane?

When traveling with your car, please be sure your dog or cat is already accustomed to the vehicle and has been on long(er) trips already. Provide a safe spot for the animal in the car. I hope I don’t need to say this to the animal lovers out there, but here it goes anyway: don’t let the car go too hot when your dog or cat is inside. If you’re leaving the car for a break, take the animal with you and don’t let him or her sit inside the hot car. It’s also sensible to make regular stops in order to let your dog or cat roam around for a while. How about driving for 2 hours and then take a 15 minute stop? It’s a great schedule for the humans inside the car too!


Traveling by plane to your holiday destination? What are the terms of admission of the airline company? Check long beforehand: what documents do you need to provide? What are the fees that you’ll need to pay? Most questions are answered on the website of the airline, but before booking your tickets: some airlines also deny pets on board. Do your research before booking! Pets will need to travel in a crate. Get one where your dog or cat is comfortable in and which he or she is already accustomed to. That way, the trip will be less stressful. There’s also light tranquilizing medication on the market in case your pet will have to travel in the cargo area. Check with your vet if this is something your animal would benefit from. Be sure to provide the dog or cat with enough water and some food. His or her favorite toy might be a welcome distraction.

airline approved pet crate



Safe travels from Rooney and me!

rooney and margot the tasty traveller on the beach

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