Tomorrowland 2015: food review

The weekend Belgium’s town Boom turns into a fairy tale land called Tomorrowland is already behind us. The three day Madness has ended and I’m sure you’ve seen loads of pictures and reviews pass by already. As promised, I’d like to do a different kind of review, one where you get to know the food of Tomorrowland.

Now, as I only tasted a limited amount of food that weekend, I can only let you know how that all tasted. Just to give you an idea, Tomorroland has it’s own food website, Tastes of the World, where they let your imagination run wild before the festival even starts. The selection of food is incredible … and the food itself is out of this world. Really.

tomorrowland food court


For some reason or another, I didn’t have much appetite last weekend at the festival. Apart from Belgian fries with mayonnaise. The weekend started off great, lots of sunshine, lots of smiles, great beats, everybody was having fun. I started my Tomorrowland food experience with ordering a chicken burger. Little did I know I was getting a lovely grilled chicken filet on a corn bun with fresh vegetables and a great sauce. And pineapple, but I don’t like pineapple, so I discarded that. The filet was grilled to perfection.

tomorrowland chicken burger

I had been going through a craving for fresh pizza all day, so at night, I just had to get myself one of the pizzas designed by celebrity chef Peppe Giacomazza, chef of the lovely restaurant La Botte in Genk.

pepe giacomazza tomorrowland food pizza

There were three choices: margarita, chicken and garlic sauce and one with pepperoni. I chose the chicken one again and it tasted lovely. Maybe a tad bit too much pieces of chicken to my liking, but the crust was nice and crunchy – and I was exepecting soggy or overcooked. 

tomorrowland pizza

On Saturday, the weather was so bad in Belgium, I just didn’t have the courage to step outside …

Sunday was much better again, even though they were predicting bouts of rain somewhere during the evening. That day, I went all out on the easy choice: Belgian fries and a freshly cooked hamburger. Again, the hamburger came with a really nice sauce and fresh salad on top of a ciabatta bun. Unfortunately, the burger was a bit under-cooked, so I wasn’t really tempted to eat more …

tomorrowland hamburger

I was looking all over the place for the promised sushi stand, but I couldn’t find it … nor could my friends, so I’m guessing it wasn’t present at the festival, or just really nicely tucked away.

I give the food a solid 8/10 again this year. It’s all freshly made, it tastes good and there are loads and loads of things to choose from. Korean, Thai, Belgian, fresh fish, even a serieus steak house called B-Eat was present. Next time, I’ll have to make some reservations beforehand … Until 2016 Tomorrowland!

tomorrowland melodia mainstage 2015

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