Restaurant tip: Aapka, Berlin

There are many many many restaurants in Berlin. It’s not easy to make a choice, not even via Yelp. Go figure! Even as an aspiring vegetarian, you have an array of choices … Thank god some of our friend took us in tow and we just had to follow what they selected.

One evening, we went to the Aapka restaurant in Kreuzberg. Our friend boasted about it being the best Indian restaurant in the city, one coming very close to the ones in India itself. So no under use of spices and amazing naan bread. She had me at naan bread to be honest … 🙂

Aapka Berlin map

There’s loads of space outside, but it’s best that you make reservations, especially if you’re in a large group as we were. Cocktails were at half price, so bring on the Cosmo’s! (not so Indian, I know …)

We ordered loads of different kinds of meals from the menu. A menu that looked amazing by the way, so many choices, and not “just” chicken masala or something. Service was good, even though the terrace was full. It could have been better though. It was really hot, so we were thirsty, but we had to beckon them ourselves to our table to take our order. Detail, but still. Food arrived all at once, so kudos to the kitchen for making everything at once, there were 9 of us at the table. Food was amazing. Really, amazing. Naan was out of this world, even though the garlic naan had a bit too much garlic. Yes, even for me 😉

Aapka Berlin chicken tikka masala

I will go back here, for sure. And I recommend this restaurant with my eyes closed. Unless you can’t handle the Indian spices! Here’s the German website – with menu – and you can make reservations online! Aapka Berlin

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