Restaurant review: Burrito Baby! Berlin

On a really really hot summer evening in Berlin, friends thought it would be a good idea to go eat some Mexican food. Let’s be adventurous, right? Onto Burrito Baby! It’s located in a really cosy neighborhood, but a bit off the beaten track, a bit away from the closest subway station. But don’t let that stop you, because you’re onto a winner here!

burrito baby berlin outside

First up: it’s veggie only in this joint, so don’t expect the Mexican “pollo” nor “carne” dishes! Seating is limited, there’s a couple of tables inside and some benches outside. Tip of the day: if it’s scorching hot outside, don’t sit inside. You’ll melt for sure.

burrito baby berlin menu

I ordered the taco salad as it was recommended by our friends and the homemade lemonade. The lemonade was super, very refreshing, highly recommended!!! Some at the table had ordered various kinds of burritos and they were huge! And very tasty going by the positive comments going round the table.

burrito baby berlin taco salad burrito baby berlin burrito

My salad was good. There was loads of iceberg lettuce, a nice pico de gallo sauce, but a huge load of beans. Beans everywhere 🙂 There was also an accompanying guacamole salsa, but as I’m not a fan of avocados, I didn’t try that one. Just a little tip for the owners though, tacos and nachos are different kinds of things. The dish was a taco salad, but it came with nachos (as mentioned on the menu by the way). Incredibly good nachos! Next time, I’ll try one of the burritos, I think I’m gonna like them too. And order myself a huge side dish of those amazing nachos. If you want to go to Burrito Baby! check our their location on their website: Burrito Baby!


And there are tacos and nachos, spot the difference 😉

taco shell nachos

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