5 items you should NOT pack when travelling

I love travelling, but I hate packing my suitcases. I always end up taking way too much stuff with me. Or worse, not leaving enough empty space for the shopping spree I’m bound to have. Here’s 5 items you should definitely leave at home when packing though:

  1. A fanny pack / your money belt. You’re not walking around with it at home, so why should you wear this fashion no-no abroad? Burn it instead.
  2. Travel clothing. It’s expensive. It makes you look like a tourist. You wouldn’t wear it at home. Don’t buy it and pack your regular clothes.
  3. Your entire medicine cabinet. You don’t need hundreds of bandaids. You don’t need packets full of paracetamol/ibuprofen/Imodium/ … You do need one strip of those medicine and a couple of bandaids though. But not your entire cabinet. They have medicine abroad too by the way.
  4. Travel appliances. A travel iron? A small hair dryer? A garment steamer? Did you actually buy that? Don’t – hotels have almost all of them in your room nowadays.
  5. Expensive things. Expensive jewelry, designer shoes, expensive clothes, sentimental things. Leave them all at home. You won’t wear them and you’ll be scared they get lost or stolen.

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