6 travel apps I use every time I travel

International traveling has become such an easy affair thanks to some apps you can easily download for free on your smartphone. I’d like to share with you 6 of them that I use frequently. You could even say I won’t leave the house without them …

  • XE currency

XE currency app

OK – all the European countries have one currency, but there’s so many other currencies around the globe, I need this app badly. Whether I’m going for a day trip to London or an extended weekend in Miami, I need my XE app to tell me at what exchange rate I’m spending my money.

  • Google translate

google translate app

I speak / understand quite a few languages, but I’m bound to get stuck sometimes.  Especially when I’m trying to read the signs in a foreign language … Google translate now allows you to point your smartphone at a sign or a written text and it’ll translate it for you. How cool is that??

  • Yelp!

yelp travel app restaurant

I’ve been banging on about this app a lot already in previous posts, but this truly is a godsent. Reviews of places and restaurants by actual customers/locals. Easy to sort, easy to find in a distance around where you’re located. Yelp! really is a great find. I’ve discovered quite a few gems … Too bad not all people use it as intensively as in the USA.

  • Passbook

passbook app iphone

One app for storing all your virtual tickets. No more messing about, no more prints, no more “where the hell did I leave my boarding pass”. Thanks Apple!

  • Instagram


Sorry, but I’m a sucker for taking pictures of where I am, of my food, of awesome spots I am. Instagram allows me to make them a little bit better every time and share them immediately on my social media channels. Sharing is caring? 😉

  • Swarm

swarm by foursquare app

Foursquare has been replaced by the swarm-app. I use it not to let people know where I am, but to remind myself of where I’ve been. It’s a journal of places abroad where I’d go back, need to write a review about, need to share with my friends, … but also to see where my friends check in. Again, not to spy on them, but to see if they have any new veggie restaurants where I can go to or hotels that I might like.


I’m sure there’s so much more apps easy to use when you’re abroad. Which ones are standard or your smartphone? Which ones do you open when abroad? Share the magic!

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