Restaurant review: Kua’Aina burger restaurant Soho, London

Aloha! London is scattered with restaurants, you’ll find it hard sometimes to pick one. If you’re looking for a great snack, great beer and a great atmosphere, then the Kua’Aina Hawaiian Burger Restaurant in Soho (just off Carnaby Street) is the place for you.

kua aina london soho

(picture from Daily Mail)

Apparently – and I read this afterwards – the Kua’Aina burger chain is one of President Obama’s favorites! Well, the guy has taste!

We sat ourselves outside and a cheery waiter decked out in a Hawaiian shirt handed us the menus. I wanted to try the Longboard beer, but unfortunately, they were out of it due to the holiday season. I didn’t really know what other beer to choose. What happened next, is nothing more than exceptional customer service. The waiter proceeded to bring me a selection of their beers on tap for me to try out. I went for the Big Wave beer – it tasted really lovely, malty and rich in flavor.

big wave beer kua aina burger soho london

The menu offers a range of burgers, sandwiches, grilled mahi-mahi, … In the end I settled for a plain cheeseburger. Instead of regular fries, I did opt for the sweet potato fries as they popped up as a recommendation on Foursquare.

The burgers are made from half-pound beef that don’t leave you with a greasy aftertaste. They also have some kind of secret seasoning on the burgers, that leave them tasting for more. The buns are slightly sweet to taste, totally loved them too. The sweet potato fries were awesome! They were just delicious and I’m glad I ordered them instead of regular fries.


It’s honestly one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. The entire experience made me very happy and I’ll certainly be back to try something else off the menu.

Mahalo Obama 🙂

Wanna try them? You can also order online and pick them up yourself: Kua’ Aina UK

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