Review: Gail’s Artisan Bread Bakery, London

We finally went back to London between Christmas and New Year. It had been a while since I was in my beloved city. One afternoon, walking back from the Tate Modern to the hotel, we stumbled upon Gail’s Artisan Bakery in the Neo Bank district.

At first glance it looked like hipster central, but as I was craving for some warmth and a tea, we went inside. The array of afternoon tea baked goods was almost too much to choose from. Staff were very friendly and service was swift. You order your drink and your food of choice, you receive a big wooden number and it’s all delivered freshly to your table.

I liked it a lot, it reminded me of our local bakeries. In Belgium, we’re used to lots of bakeries with lots and lots of loafs of bread, croissants, pains au chocolat, … This is not easy to find abroad, especially not at good quality and rich in flavors.

My tea was delicious, and the croissant tasted really good, although it might have had a bit more butter. Next time, I’ll try some of the succulent cakes or scones that were on display for sure!

Find your nearest Gail’s in London on their website: Gail’s Bakery London

Pictures, curtsey of the Gail’s website:

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