Restaurant review: NXT Door, Bruges

Bruges is an amazing city to visit, there’s so much to see, to visit and … to eat. Unfortunately, most people stay within the confined streets where all the tourists hang out. Do wander around a bit more. Try out some new things and you might wander into a superb little gem …

Last week, I visited NXT Door, the new restaurant by the chef of Tom’s Diner, which is already a very established value in Bruges. He literally opened a new restaurant next door. The concept is easy: street food. And the tastes are spot on.

It seems that a lot of people have already discovered this new diamond, so my warning: reserve your place in advance. Like Tom’s Diner, tables are sought after and it’s best to call ahead to avoid disappointment. If you’re vegetarian, like me, mention this with your reservation, they will be happy to accommodate you.

The interior of the restaurant is lovely. Warm colors, dominated by a big high table in the middle, next to the bar.

NXT door restaurant bruges indoor

The concept is easy: you get three starters each, to share. As a main course, you can choose between 5 separate dishes. Only one is vegetarian though, the ramen soup. And then for dessert, you have the choice of 5 dishes as well. This all comes for 30€ pp. You can add an extra main course for a total of 40€, but as the dishes are quite big, 3 courses really is enough.

Do start the evening off with a cocktail! The choice isn’t huge, but the Framboiçe cocktail was amazing! We had some lovely dishes, from beef teriyaki, to white pizza and sea bass with quinoa. My main course, the ramen soup, was huge. I looked around and I must say that everything looked really appetizing. The peking duck for example came in a take away box. And finally, we both had the Belgian waffles. My god, they were gooooood!

I will definitely be back. This might even become my next favorite restaurant in Bruges …

Want to make your own reservations? Go online and check out the NXT Door website: NXT Door Bruges

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