Review: Cultuurcafé De Grote Post, Ostend

I’m more and more considering Ostend as my hometown. I think people start to look at me as a local too, as I’m constantly there for work – and for eating out. Don’t get me wrong, Bruges is still my n°1 restaurant city, but Ostend just feels more homely.

de grote post oostende

For lunch and dinner, I like to go to the “De Grote Post”. Which basically means “the big post office”. Yup, you’ve guessed it, they converted the old post office in Ostend to a place of culture and food. There’s regular plays, comedy shows, etc being held at the place. And then there’s the “Cultuurcafé”. The café of culture. Where you can drink, have brunch, lunch, dinner, or just relax with a nice cup of coffee.

I love to go there and just soak in the scenery. It’s just so art nouveau! They kept a lot of the old post office features, like all the old post office windows where they used to sell you stamps and the likes.

cultuurcafe de grote post oostende

They even kept all of the old phone booths and restored them – they are now adorned with life size pictures of well known people of Ostend.

de grote post oostende phone booth

Prices there are really moderate and the food is just great. It’s the basic bistro cuisine, and I love the yummy pastas, lasagnas and the chicken pita. The “soprano balls” are pretty good too 😉


De Grote Post also has an extensive choice of gins, and I’ve recently discovered that they make a mean cosmopolitan!

de grote post oostende cosmopolitan

This makes me a happy gal! If you’re in Ostend, just go in. Soak in the views and have some food! You won’t be disappointed!

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