Ibiza: my top 6 stores on the White Island.

Anyone following me on Twitter or Facebook knows i’ve just been to the White Island, aka Ibiza. I’ve had such a relaxing time, just what I needed. And I indulged in some retail therapy too, so I though I’d share my favorite stores on the island with you.

Coklat Ibiza

Technically, this is not a store. You can find the Coklat stand at the hippy market in Es Canar on Wednesdays and at the Las Dalias one on Saturdays. They sell hair pins that somehow manage to keep your bun on the top of your head. Love them and they’re totally cheap too! On average one Coklat pin is about 15€ for a medium sized one.

Coklat website and online store

Sal de Ibiza

When you’re flying in at the airport, chances are you’re flying over Ses Salinas where they reclaim salt from the ocean. Not only for me, but for eg. also for top chef Sergio Herman, this is one of the best salts available in Europe. Go visit the store and bring back some of the typical turquoise pots.

You can find the store on the road between Ibiza town and Santa Eularia: Sal de Ibiza store

Natura Ibiza

Part of a Spanish chain, Natura is located in Eivissa town on Plaza del Parque. I love their clothes, jewelry, … They also donate some of their earnings to the refugee children. Worthy cause!

Website: Natura Spain

Te Cuero

Mad about handbags? Love the smell of leather? In need of a new belt? Then this is your store! Located in the lovely town of Santa Gertrudis, just off the church square is Te Cuero where they hand make leather goodies. Beware: the price tags are hefty. And the store managers still believe in siesta, so it’s closed between 14-18h …

And they don’t have a website 🙂


I love cows. I think they’re magnificent animals, so when I passed this store where they have dozens of them (fake ones!) in the meadow in front, I couldn’t but stop and enter. Sluiz is a big store, they even have a little restaurant in the courtyard outside. You can find lots of things here, from Iberican designer clothes and shoes, to table linnen, pots and pans, decoration, … the list is endless. Take some time to go through the store and discover their gems. I highly recommend the food and wine section too!

Find the store on the road to Santa Gertrudis. Look for the cows and the huge blue sign, you can’t miss it.

You can buy online too: Sluiz Ibiza

Reina & Roses

It’s no secret that I love to wear black, but the courtyard in front of Reina & Roses is full of flashy colors and it somehow just lures me in every time. Find the best boho chic clothes in this store. Beware of the price tags, but it’s worth it. The design, the colors, the quality of clothes … just perfect! There’s a new collection very so often, so there will always be something new for you to buy!

Find the store not too far from the Sal de Ibiza store, on the road between Ibiza town and Santa Eularia.

ibiza store reina & roses

Website: Reina & Roses

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