The London Emirates Air Line at the O2

It’s no secret that I totally love London. For us, it’s just a couple of hours drive away thanks to the Eurotunnel. We love going over there for unscheduled day trips, especially now that the pound is pretty attractive towards the euro.

I’ve been telling a lot of people already how easy it is to just take your car, drive onto one of the Eurotunnel-trains and then drive over to the O2, just outside London. Yes, you have to drive on the other side of the road, but if you think about it, it’s all just really easy. All those tales about people getting off at the wrong lane on a roundabout? That’s pretty difficult to do honestly, so you’d have to try really hard to do that.

Anyways, back to what I want to give you as a travel tip: the Emirates Air Line at the O2 Arena.

emirates air line map

Just drive your car up to one of the car parks at the O2. There are 4 of them and I like to use the one closest to the Air Line. It’s closed off and you need to get a ticket to get onto it. It’s not that expensive too, for London standards that is. I mostly pay around £12 to £15 for an entire day of parking. Trust me, that’s cheap!

I’ll tell you all about the O2 in another post. There’s plenty to do there too, but if you happen to be there on a clear sky day, take the Emirates Air Line. It’s around £3,50 for a single ticket which will get you across the river Thames and give you some spectacular views over London city. You can buy the tickets online or at the booths located outside the cable car.

The carriages are spacey and comfortable. I sometimes feel queasy on one of these things, but The Emirates Air Line was really good: no jerking on the zip line, the carriages don’t swing with the wind, … it’s all very safe.

And the views! Oh but the views! OK, I am in love with London, but this is a sight to behold. You get to see the O2 from up above as well as the city from afar. It’s just the best!

Emirates Air Line LondonO2 view from Emirates Air Line London

Once you disembark, just get on the DLR at Royal Victoria with your Oyster card or buy a ticket at the ticket booth on that side of the Thames. Or even better: buy a round trip ticket for the Air Line and just go back! The Jubilee Line will take you into the city!

For more information, visit the Emirates Air Line website and book your own “flight” across the Thames! Enjoy, and do share your pictures when you’ve been!

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