Lunch at La Paloma, Ibiza

I was actually surprised that I hadn’t written a blog post yet about my absolute favorite restaurant on the island (Ibiza): La Paloma. I’ve received this tip via the great Sergio Herman in a magazine and I thought, if the chef of the best restaurant (at the time) in the world loves this one, I’ve got to go!

And I’ve been going there ever since 😉 Take a seat, and enjoy the ambience:

La Paloma Ibiza restaurant

First up, as mentioned on the pictures: there’s a “reservado” sign on almost all tables, so please: make your reservations before you go! La Paloma is situated in San Llorenç and there’s not much going on around. So if you get turned down, you’ve got a bit of driving to do before you find an alternative restaurant.

You get seated at one of the haphazard located tables and chairs in the courtyard. I love the laid back feel and ambiance of the place – so please note that this is a very easy going restaurant. And yes, you might see one or two celebrities whilst your there …

The menu is written down on a chalk board, but most of the winning dishes are always available. They have their own garden in which they grow their own vegetables, so everything you get is fresh and organic.

The wine is really good, but do also try the home made lemonade, very refreshing!

I could only find one fault to La Paloma. As your sitting outside, your food can get attacked by bees … in order to keep them at bay, they light up little bowls of ground coffee. Apparently bees and wasps hate that smell, but I actually quite liked it. And it is proven effective too!

I’m a big fan of the fresh veggie quiche. My mom chose the Thai vegetable salad which not only looked amazing, but also tasted very good. My husband on the other hand is a big fan of their soba noodle salad. Amazing tastes!!! But it’s all good there, as it’s made with love and care.

Apparently in the evenings, they switch to Italian cuisine, but I haven’t been there yet to try those dishes. Will do that really soon!

Here’s their website if you want to make a reservation: La Paloma Ibiza Please do so, you won’t regret it. Maybe this table and this view will be yours soon …


One thought on “Lunch at La Paloma, Ibiza

  1. Two comments, they are distinct restaurants, paloma cafe lunchtime and la paloma evening, all different staff, managers, menus, etc. Second, the garden cannot possibly and does not grow all the food they serve. Nice illusion if that’s what you want. Definitely the cafe is my favorite. Cheers


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