Hotel review: LondonHouse Chicago

I just got back from a week in Chicago. My very first trip to the Windy City. Expectations were high, as I had gotten a lot of raving reviews from friends, colleagues and fellow travellers. You can expect a lot of reviews over the next few blogposts 😉

As a surprise, my husband treated us to a night’s stay in the LondonHouse hotel. It recently opened, about 4 months ago (we were there at the end of Sept ’16) and it’s part of the Hilton hotel chain.

Here’s what I thought about this brand new addition to the Chicago hotel list:

The plusses:

+ Location! Smack bang on the riverside, this hotel boasts of amazing views! The Wrigley building is right across the water.


(picture from the LondonHouse website)

+ The rooms are huge! The bathroom is huge! The flatscreen TV is huge!


(picture from the LondonHouse website)

+ The beds are very very comfy. I don’t know if the mattresses will be firm enough after a year or so, but at the moment, they were perfect. One problem though: the edgy corners of the bed can be quite painful if you stumble to the toilet at night in the dark.

+ The porters are really friendly!

+ The check-in was really swift and professional.

+ The rooftop bar has amazing views over the water and the city skyline.

+ The breakfast was really good. Staff here was amazingly friendly too. Fresh OJ, some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Freshly made omelettes on demand. Yummy! Fresh tea and great coffee. Beware though, breakfast costs $24,95 per person. And the space is limited. I wonder where they will put everyone if the hotel is full and a quarter of the guests want breakfast.

+ Our room wasn’t ready at check-in, so they asked for our mobile phone number. Once the room was ready, we got a text telling us so. And also asking us if there’s anything else we wanted. Lovely thought.

The minuses: 

– Right in front of the hotel, there’s the Chicago Trump building. Even though the building is beautiful, you can not get away from the name in your face everytime you step out 😉 I mean, come on Donald:

in-front-of-the-trump-towers-in-chicago– The check-in staff was a bit too professional maybe? They were quite aloof.

– The reception is located on the 2nd floor. I did not see any signs indicating this, but luckily the porter was really helpful and directed us to where we needed to be.

– The elevator system is something else … You need to press your desired floor into the keypad and then you get your designated elevator (A through to F). If you happen to step into a waiting elevator, or one that hasn’t been assigned for you, there’s no way to change your floor in the elevator. You need to get out and restart the process.

General conclusion:

What was really incredible, and something I haven’t experienced before, is that we received a text after our stay asking us if everything went ok, and if we see any room for improvement. Nice work LondonHouse!

Would I go back? YES! If I had the money, because this hotel doesn’t come cheap … But then, that’s Chicago for ya. Highly recommended, go for it!

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