My top 5 picks for shopping in London

London is my favorite shopping hot spot. No matter how big and fancy the shopping malls in the USA are, nothing can beat the quirky stores in the streets of London.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty’s, … the big renowned shopping paradises everyone knows. My top 5 shopping picks is a little bit more out there I’m afraid. But then, that’s what you’d expect of me, no?

Let’s spend some money!


1.All Saints 

It’s a clothing store, but not as we know it Tim. This store is jam packed with delicious punk, dark, out there clothes. Unfortunately, they’re not of the cheapest kind, but the quality is perfect. Get in there if you’re looking for the best selection of biker jackets, heavy leather boots, amazingly weird dresses, funky tops, skinny jeans, oversized sweaters, lovely hats and chunky accessories. Find the nearest store here. They have the same store front everywhere, just look for the old sewing machines.

2. bareMinerals

I used to be a big M.A.C. fan. That is until I learned about their animal testing, so I had to switch to a greener brand. We were wandering around in the side streets of Covent Garden one day and I found this tiny little make-up store called bareMinerals. Once inside I was assured all items are made organically and weren’t tested on animals. The nice store manager helped me out with the basics. I’m now buying their products online too, but when in London, I always visit the store again. Give it a try, because Sephora can be overwhelming sometimes. But they do stock up on bareMinerals products as well. Find your best look or find the nearest store on their online store locator: bareMinerals site

3. The Great Frog

Everybody who knows me, has seen my signature skull rings. They all come from The Great Frog store. Again, very quirky, very small shop. You actually have to go look for it, it’s in one of the side streets of Carnaby Street. The Great Frog makes the best jewelry for those who want it big and out there. A lot of heavy metal bands are fans and they’ve delivered rings, chains and bracelets to the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Kat Von D, Pete Doherty, The Rolling Stones, … So yeah, they’ve got a big following. And yes, they are expensive. But you get some incredible detailled one of a kind product in return. Go on, give it a try, you know you want to! TGF site

4. Hamleys

Nope, I don’t have kids. But whenever I’m in a big city, I love to visit their biggest toy stores. I love playing with toys – and the best toy stores let you have a go at it. Hamleys does too – they even encourage it! All around the store, the sales assistants are showing you how to play with their latest toys. A Star Wars light saber? Oh, the epic fights I’ve had in that store! Also, go and check out the stuffed bears collection, especially around christmas. They always do special editions then. Hamleys is conveniently located on Regent Street, so go on and rediscover your inner child! Hamleys

5. Whittard of Chelsea

Winter is coming! So go on and stock up on one of the finest selection of teas and coffees London has to offer. Or even better, indulge in simply the best hot chocolate in town. It’s the box that says “luxury hot chocolate”. Trust me. And if you don’t: try it for yourself, because … there’s free samples! There are several stores scattered all around London town, but again, I’m drawn to the smaller store that’s located in Covent Garden. Yes it’s tiny, but sometimes too much choice is just too much, right? Check out their christmas box sets online too!


And hey, I’m always on the look out for new ideas, so please, do share your favorite stores in London with me!

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