Restaurant review: Sushi Paradise, Ghent

I’ve recently developed a craving for sushi. Yes, I know, instead of being an early adopter, I’m a late one. Maybe because I’m allergic to hyped up things. Anyways, I’ve discovered a really great place in my hometown Ghent, Sushi Paradise. None of my sushi loving friends living in Ghent had ever heard of it, but once they’ve been there, they are hooked.

Sushi Paradise Ghent sushi platter

It’s an easy enough place to find. Just park your car in the Vrijdagsmarkt parking place, head up to to the market square and you’ll find the restaurant tucked away in the corner.

The menu is quite elaborate, Sushi Paradise not only offers sushi, but also a whole range of warm foods like pad thai, fried rice, … so you can bring your non sushi loving friends along. I always like to drink a local beer (local as in Japanese beers, not Belgian ones) and I particularly like the Kirin beer. Of course, there’s always space for dim sum in my tummy and luckily they have really good ones!

When it comes to making my selection of sushi rolls, I might be quite unadventurous still … I do love the California rolls! They are not only very tasty, but also crispy on the inside thanks to a bit of cucumber next to the standard avocado. My husband is a big fan of the vegetarian sushi platter.

There’s a whole selection of sushi boats as well if you’re with a larger group. Just have a look on the website for inspiration on their menu page!

So, if you’re in Ghent, don’t hesitate to make an online reservation and enjoy this little gem!

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