Restaurant review: Wasabi sushi, London

Just a quick blog post – about a food store / restaurant where you can go for take away or just a quick bite to eat: Wasabi sushi & bento.

It’s quick, it’s easy and more importantly: it’s good value for money.

You can either find them at small food stalls scattered all over London or you can go to their food stores. The stores themselves look squeaky clean, white with green touches. You can choose your own sushi box, bento box, prepackaged individual sushi rolls, salads, noodle soups or hot dishes like chicken katsu.

The choice is more than big enough, for a first timer like me it might look overwhelming. The sushi is fresh and you get a bag of soy sauce, pickled ginger and – of course – wasabi.The noodle soups can be bought, hot water will be added after your purchase. Hot dishes will be made to order.

We loved it – and we will be back for sure. Find the stalls and stores as well as the menu on their website!

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