5 items your forget the most in your rental car

Car rental sign at a airport

A rental car gives you the freedom to go as you please during your holiday. But travelers often forget stuff inside their rental car upon returning. These are the top 5 most forgotten items – and therefore the ones you need to look out for the most!

  1. Mobile phone charger. It’s very easy to charge your phone in the car nowadays. Who doesn’t need their fully charged phone? Where else can you check out the best restaurants, take pictures, … ? But when you return your rental car, the charger or your mobile phone cable is the item that you forget the most!
  2. CD’s with kid’s music. Yup, those little ones sure do love their singalong CD’s! You can enjoy the view or concentrate on the road ahead and they have their entertainment. But once that car goes back, the CD’s are forgotten. Or did you forget it on purpose? 😉
  3. Sunglasses. Classic item that you stow away somewhere out of sight once you drive back into that dark rental car garage. Don’t forget your shades!
  4. Electronics. Where would you be without your GPS? Or how much do you love taking pictures with your camera or video camera? Just don’t forget them laying about in your rental car …
  5. Toys. Please avoid tears and tantrums before boarding! Always look out for your kid’s favorite blanket, stuffed animal, … in the rental car, because they tend to hide in the smallest of corners.

So avoid all emotional outbursts and financial hangovers and double or triple check your rental car before you hand over the keys. Or at least check if you’ve got all of the above in your hands.

By the way, what are your preferred rental car agencies and why? I’d love to read up on your tips!


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