Restaurant review: El Gusto por el Vino, Tenerife

When you say “Tenerife”, everybody immediately thinks of the south side of the volcanic island. I recently spent a few nights in Tenerife, hired a rental car and went up to the lesser know north side. First up, it rains more in Tenerife Norte, do take that into account, maybe bring a rain coat in your car, just in case. Drive to the town of Santa Cruz, park your car and wander around town. And stop by the wine and tapas bar El Gusto por el Vino.

I love tapas and I love wine. A wine and tapas bar therefore is a perfect lunch spot if you ask me! El Gusto por el Vino translates roughty into “the appetite for wine”. Yes please!

Head up to the “mercado de nuestra señora de Africa” in Santa Cruz and look for the tiny wine bar. There are stools at the bar and some tables on the sidewalk. We were lucky enough to bag ourselves a table outside, probably because we wandered around before siesta.

There is of course an amazing wine card with a selection of fine Spanish wines, some of them from Tenerife itself. You can also have your waiter help you select your preferred “copa de vino blanca, rosado o tinto”. I think that was correct Spanish. Waiters are very friendly, even if it gets really busy. Their English is not that fluent, but then, neither is my Spanish.

There is an excellent selection of tapas which are just to die for. Head over to their Facebook page for more information and some mouth watering pictures of tapas and wine. And if you were there, let me know what you thought about it. Salud!


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