Review: Cafecito, Chicago

Before we went to Chicago, I heard about the magic food that was the Cuban sandwich, the “cubano”. I had been to Florida many many times before, and stupidly never went to a place where they served them. Then came the movie Chef! where Jon Favreau cruises through the USA with a foodtruck, selling “cubanos” all along the way. I was hooked. On the movie and on the fact that I just had to try one for myself.

Thanks to yelp, I found Cafecito, a tiny place on the South Loop. There are three locations all around town, so just find the one closest to where you are.

There’s a tiny seating area, but there’s a quick turn around so it’s easy to bag a spot if you wait for a couple of minutes. One minus is that there’s no restroom available on that particular location, I don’t know about the other two.

I ordered the pollo chipotle. And seriously, that was THE BEST sandwich I ever tasted! I know, I know, it’s not the original cubano, but I was not into meat at that time, so I went for chicken instead. Seriously, it was the best!! My husband had the cubano and he proclaimed it to be heavenly as well.

Cafecito chicago sandwich

If I had found it earlier, I’d seriously have been there every lunchtime. Get inspired by the menu of find your nearest Cafecito on their website !

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