Looking for inspiration: Nevada!

So. We are going to Nevada, finally! But we are going in less than one month, and I have no itenerary planned! Help!

We will be sleeping in Las Vegas for 9 nights, so that’s our ‘homebase’. But I could use some tips. So: everything within a three hour driving area from The Strip is more than welcome! Food. Off the beaten track things to see and to do. Anything is welcome. 😁

Thank you!!

Review: Cafecito, Chicago

Before we went to Chicago, I heard about the magic food that was the Cuban sandwich, the “cubano”. I had been to Florida many many times before, and stupidly never went to a place where they served them. Then came the movie Chef! where Jon Favreau cruises through the USA with a foodtruck, selling “cubanos” all along the way. I was hooked. On the movie and on the fact that I just had to try one for myself.

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Hotel review: LondonHouse Chicago

I just got back from a week in Chicago. My very first trip to the Windy City. Expectations were high, as I had gotten a lot of raving reviews from friends, colleagues and fellow travellers. You can expect a lot of reviews over the next few blogposts 😉

As a surprise, my husband treated us to a night’s stay in the LondonHouse hotel. It recently opened, about 4 months ago (we were there at the end of Sept ’16) and it’s part of the Hilton hotel chain.

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Recipe: blueberry pancakes

This weekend, I made brunch for the first time. As ever, I made way too much, but what I made was incredibly good. Plus, it’s quick and easy to make. Brunch will become a more regular theme now in our home!

I love pancakes, our Belgian pancakes, where you can find my recipe here: Recipe: pancakes! But yesterday, I tried the American style pancakes: the big and fluffy ones. It’s so easy to make! This recipe is with blueberries, but you can make them with any type of fruit you want to add! Or nothing and smother them in maple syrup.

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It’s that time of the year again …

Next week, I’m off to my second home, Florida. You would think I’ve seen the place more than enough, right? Well, I can’t get enough and luckily for me, my husband loves the place too!

We’re going to the Gulf Coast this time, I’m looking forward to bringing lots of new tips home for you as well as some lovely pictures.

Our trip: Orlando -> Cape Canaveral -> Clearwater -> Honeymoon Island -> Longboat Key -> Siesta Key -> Cape Coral -> Sanibel Island -> Marco Island -> Everglades -> Key Largo -> Islamorada -> Miami -> home

Got any tips for me along the way? Do share them!!

Balthazar, New York City

Before going on our latest trip to NYC, I got this pretty amazing tip for a restaurant from the owner of the Bentley’s in Ostend. Remember the review I wrote about his restaurant? Bentley’s Ostend review Jean-Philippe made me promise to stop by the Balthazar restaurant in Soho. Since it was only a block or two from the Soho Grand, it was an easy promise to make. He was pretty lyrical about the place, telling me it was one of his favorite restaurants of the city, it’s décor so similar to a French bistro. On our last day, we decided to go there and have breakfast before heading off to the airport.



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