Veggie recipe: vegetable gratin with a cheesy crust

I simply love autumn! It’s not only the prettiest season thanks to the fall foliage, but it’s just the tastiest season of them all! Yes, yes, there’s the summery barbecues and the cocktail drinking by the pool, but nothing beats a lovely stew or a nice little gratin.

I found this recipe on the Lidl recipe webpage. It’s vegetarian! There’s Brussels sprouts! (yeah, I totally dig them!) It’s just so good – the taste of the mustard and the sprouts and combined with the sweetness of the parsnip is just heavenly.

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Vegetarian recipe: Brussels sprouts with pasta, quorn and hazelnuts

Via Buzzfeed, I stumbled upon this wonderful vegetarian dish one day. I tried it at home, made some slight alterations and now it’s is one of my favorite winter veggie dishes.

When I was a child, I hated Brussels sprouts – I think many of you can relate. It’s only since my husband taught me how to eat them that I’ve become one of the biggest supporters of this wintry vegetable. As Belgians, we should be rightly proud that this little green gem originated over here. It’s not easy finding veggie recipes with Brussels sprouts, but this one was next to perfect from the start. The recipe is for 2 people, but as you might already know, I tend to make my batches way too big 🙂

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