6 reasons why New York is the best place to visit

I have a serious love affair with New York City. It all started a couple of years ago during our first trip to this incredible city. During our fly in flight path into JFK airport I saw the iconic Manhattan skyline and Lady Liberty. It gave me goosebumps and I just knew this was going to be my kinda city.

I’ve been handing out advice ever since to friends, colleagues and family who are visiting NYC – my main tip is always: just soak up the atmosphere. There’s something special about New York that’s just difficult to explain. I start to de-stress when I get out of one of those yellow cabs after the plane ride. Practically no one believes me by the way, but my husband has the same feeling. People think of New York and think of the hustle and bustle. That might be true if you live there, but as a tourist, I feel right at home. And here’s 6 reasons why:

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