Bistro L.E.S.S. , Bruges

Celebrating something is always a good excuse to get out and go for dinner. As Bistro L.E.S.S. has become our favorite to go to place, decisions were made very quickly and an online reservation was made. The great thing about this place is that the menu changes several times a year, but that some classics, as I like to call them, remain. On to Bruges!

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Balthazar, New York City

Before going on our latest trip to NYC, I got this pretty amazing tip for a restaurant from the owner of the Bentley’s in Ostend. Remember the review I wrote about his restaurant? Bentley’s Ostend review Jean-Philippe made me promise to stop by the Balthazar restaurant in Soho. Since it was only a block or two from the Soho Grand, it was an easy promise to make. He was pretty lyrical about the place, telling me it was one of his favorite restaurants of the city, it’s décor so similar to a French bistro. On our last day, we decided to go there and have breakfast before heading off to the airport.



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Restaurant review: Quality Meats, Miami Beach, Florida

quality meats miami beach florida

Always keep the best for last, that’s what they tell you. Well, at Quality Meats in Miami Beach, they give you the best they’ve got the moment you walk in. My mom and I wanted to go for a good steak the last night we were in Miami. My trusted Yelp directed us to this restaurant that had opened not too long ago. The reviews were all raving about the place. I should warn you though, this restaurant doesn’t come cheap. But it’s oh so worth it …

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