Recipe: Saffron rice with chorizo

I don’t really watch cooking shows on TV as much as I used to. There was a real hype a couple of years ago and it escalated into a overdosis of chefs and wannabe chefs on the screen. In Belgium, only the best shows survived and I still watch some of them. Whilst swapping channels, I came across Belgian chef Jeroen Meus who was making something that looked so good, I immediately downloaded the recipe and tried it the day after.

This recipe is for baked haddock with saffron and chorizo rice. We are not the biggest fans of fish, so I substituted the fish for veggie steak. Yes, I know, why go veggie when you’ve got chorizo in your rice, but hey, eating less meat is already something. 😉

This is the finished result:

saffron chorizo rice


The colors were amazing, but so were the flavors, so this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite dishes. And I just love the taste of chorizo in that rice.

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