Restaurant review: El Gusto por el Vino, Tenerife

When you say “Tenerife”, everybody immediately thinks of the south side of the volcanic island. I recently spent a few nights in Tenerife, hired a rental car and went up to the lesser know north side. First up, it rains more in Tenerife Norte, do take that into account, maybe bring a rain coat in your car, just in case. Drive to the town of Santa Cruz, park your car and wander around town. And stop by the wine and tapas bar El Gusto por el Vino.

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Bistro L.E.S.S. , Bruges

Celebrating something is always a good excuse to get out and go for dinner. As Bistro L.E.S.S. has become our favorite to go to place, decisions were made very quickly and an online reservation was made. The great thing about this place is that the menu changes several times a year, but that some classics, as I like to call them, remain. On to Bruges!

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Restaurant review: L.E.S.S. – Bruges

Let me start off by saying that I’ve got an amazing team at work! Every time someone celebrates a birthday, we all chip in and try to find a present that the birthday boy or girl will love. As they know I’m in love with good food, they gave me a voucher this year for dinner at bistro L.E.S.S. in Bruges. Love. Eat. Share. Smile.

In Belgium, several of the big Michelin starred chefs have started up more informal bistros next to their Michelin restaurant. When Gert De Mangeleer decided to relocate Hertog Jan, he used the space to open up this Spanish tapas styled bistro. And last week, I finally got to eat there!

LESS Bruges exterior

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