Looking for inspiration: Nevada!

So. We are going to Nevada, finally! But we are going in less than one month, and I have no itenerary planned! Help!

We will be sleeping in Las Vegas for 9 nights, so that’s our ‘homebase’. But I could use some tips. So: everything within a three hour driving area from The Strip is more than welcome! Food. Off the beaten track things to see and to do. Anything is welcome. 😁

Thank you!!

Lunch at La Paloma, Ibiza

I was actually surprised that I hadn’t written a blog post yet about my absolute favorite restaurant on the island (Ibiza): La Paloma. I’ve received this tip via the great Sergio Herman in a magazine and I thought, if the chef of the best restaurant (at the time) in the world loves this one, I’ve got to go!

And I’ve been going there ever since 😉 Take a seat, and enjoy the ambience:

La Paloma Ibiza restaurant

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Ibiza 2016: Amante Beach Club

May 2016. Incredible, but true, “the season” as the islanders call it, hadn’t even started yet, but Ibiza was starting to fill up nicely already. In other words: book ahead. Book your hotel, your flight, your rental car, but most importantly: book your restaurants in advance. Even for lunch.

I’ve already written a post about the beautiful Amante Beach Club. For me, it’s one of the best places to be on the island. Perched atop a cliff, overlooking a beautiful pebbled cove, Amante boasts of amazing views. It’s also where one goes for lovely cocktails (always try the cocktail of the day) and superb food.

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Happy 2016 everybody!

It’s almost time to ring in the new year. The first new year’s resolutions are popping up on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, I’m in doubt about the year to come. The world is changing fast and not really for the better. Refugees, terrorist threat alerts, economic crisis, climate change, …

I do hope that the world will regain it’s balance in 2016, not just for the humans inhabiting our little globe, but more importantly for the planet itself. We need to cherish what we have around us. We need to preserve all those lovely animals roaming the planet (yes, even those nasty bugs and mosquitoes!). We need to love the Earth more.

Personally, I’ll try to do my bit even more than I did before. Looking forward to trying to become a full time vegetarian. Looking forward to loving my dog Rooney even more – if that’s even possible. Looking forward to doing my bit in animal preservation.

But I’m also looking forward to travelling more again in 2016. First up – can you guess it – Florida! Then back to my beloved island Ibiza. Adding some Berlin, Amsterdam and London into the travel bag as well. And hopefully I’ll get to meet my biggest love of all, New York, again in 2016.

Looking forward to reading about your upcoming trips! Do share them with me – maybe I can give you tips 😉


For now lots of hugs from me and a paw from the Roonster!