Looking for inspiration: Nevada!

So. We are going to Nevada, finally! But we are going in less than one month, and I have no itenerary planned! Help!

We will be sleeping in Las Vegas for 9 nights, so that’s our ‘homebase’. But I could use some tips. So: everything within a three hour driving area from The Strip is more than welcome! Food. Off the beaten track things to see and to do. Anything is welcome. šŸ˜

Thank you!!

My top 5 picks for shopping in London

London is my favorite shopping hot spot. No matter how big and fancy the shopping malls in the USA are, nothing can beat the quirky stores in the streets of London.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Selfridges, Harrods, Liberty’s, … the big renowned shopping paradises everyone knows. My top 5 shopping picks is a little bit more out there I’m afraid. But then, that’s what you’d expect of me, no?

Let’s spend some money!


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Ibiza 2016: Amante Beach Club

May 2016. Incredible, but true, “the season” as the islanders call it, hadn’t even started yet, but Ibiza was starting to fill up nicely already. In other words: book ahead. Book your hotel, your flight, your rental car, but most importantly: book your restaurants in advance. Even for lunch.

I’ve already written a post about the beautiful Amante Beach Club. For me, it’s one of the best places to be on the island. Perched atop a cliff, overlooking a beautiful pebbled cove, Amante boasts of amazing views. It’s also where one goes for lovely cocktails (always try the cocktail of the day) and superb food.

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Travel tip: travelling with kids

I’m going to start leaving small travel tips here I’ve gathered via colleagues, travel experts and friends. Hope you’ll find themĀ useful! And please, don’t be afraid to share your own tips!

The plane ride with kids is something lots of parents look at with quite someĀ tension. Will my kid behave, will he/she cry during landing/take-off, how can I entertain my kid, … A travel tip I’ve received from a mum with 2 kids is the following: let them make their own little suitcase to bring on the plane. Involve them in the packing. And go shopping without them knowing it and buy little surprise toy that you can hide in their hand luggage. They’ll be so engrossed with the new toy or game the flight will be over in no time!