Who is the Tasty Traveller?


Hi there and welcome on my travel / foodie blog!

My name is Margot and I’ve been roaming this world since 1977. So yeah, now you can guess my age. Born and raised close to Ghent. Fell in love with my husband and moved to a town close to Bruges. Belgium is in my blood.

I’ve been working in the travel industry since 1999 – so I guess you can call me a travel professional. My parents never travelled much until what I call “the big change”: my uncle died suddenly and my parents decided to start seriously enjoying life. So off we went to Florida, my first trip on an airplane. On we went to gorgeous places, delicious restaurants, enjoying amazing sensations. I was hooked.

My motto is still that: enjoy life, you never know when it’s gonna be over.

I am very very passionate about several things: my husband, my dog (dogs in general to be honest), preserving nature, cooking, Belgium, but most of all: my job. I love my job in tourism. It’s taken me to places I’d never be able to go to and it’s allowed me to meet so many interesting people from all around the world.

Due to all that passion bubbling inside of me, I’ve been inspiring peoples trips for a while now. And it’s brought me here. On this travel blog. A gathering of tips, trips and information. I do hope you like it. Feel free to comment, share, like, … My goal is to inspire you and hopefully give you inspiration for your next trip. If it’s to a city, a beach, a restaurant, a 5 star all inclusive resort, you’ll find it here.


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